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Save time, money and effort with the proven Information Mapping® Methodology. Discover our full solution of software, training and services, resources and support - to help organizations create clear and effective documents.

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Why Information Mapping®?

Save time, money and frustration

Information Mapping® helps you design clear and effective Policies, SOPs, manuals, reports and more. With its full solution of software, training and services, based on the proven Methodology, Information Mapping® takes you through the document creation process from start to finish with absolute clarity and precision.

Benefits for your organization

Our customers report a 30% to 50% reduction in process time and a 20% to 50% decrease in training and documentation costs.

Create documents that are easier to read and understand.

The more readable your documentation is, the more likely it is to be understand and used. Start to create better documents today.

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Information Mapping offers a FS Pro software suite based on its methodology and designed to simplify, accelerate and improve your content creation.