FS Pro for Word Business

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Digitize your documentation

The Business solution of FS Pro for Word provides you with a low cost, industrialized solution to move to digital documentation.

It is designed to take your team's documentation process to a higher level. The software program has the same features of FS Pro for Word. But also provides advanced online publishing features:

  • Unlimited online publications
  • Premium online layouts
  • Online folder structure
  • User management
  • Integrated workflows

Same tool, more options

With the advanced publication feature and FS Pro Cloud environment, your FS Pro documents can easily be digitalized with little training required. 

  • Convert FS Pro documents to digital format with 2 clicks
  • Publish directly  to the FS Pro Cloud
  • Support Video (YouTube, Vimeo) inclusion
  • Support both iOS and Android platforms
  • Works in any browser
  • Digital content shared effectively (URL/QR Code)
  • The best feature of this cloud service is unlimited space. You do not have to be concerned with space limitation for digital content
  • Fast/Speedy Servers
  • Customizable interface