Using the Information Mapping Methodology helps you to build a solid knowledge base, write in Plain Language, and create clear and user-focused content for better services to your citizens.

Clear and usable documentation is key

For government agencies, the challenge is to operate efficiently and provide citizens with excellent service, despite continuing reductions in funding and loss of experienced employees due to retirements and downsizing.

The Plain Writing Act, which became law in late 2010, requires federal agencies to communicate clearly, in ways that the public can understand and use. Regulations they publish must be "accessible, consistent, written in plain language and easy to understand." That's where Information Mapping comes in.

Information Mapping® works with government agencies to

  • Ensure that their communication with the public is written in plain language and easily understood.
  • Maintain continuity and quality of service by capturing the knowledge of experienced employees before they retire.
  • Reduce costs by creating e-architecture for websites that make it easy for the public to find information they need rather than having to call for help.
  • Transform paper-based documentation into structured, modularized content that supports easy access, quick distribution and centralized control to facilitate revision and updating.
  • Create clear, user-focused policies, procedures, training manuals, Requests for Procurement (RPFs).

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    Before & After examples

    I was not familiar with Information Mapping, but I am so grateful to have participated. I believe all professionals in any industry that is heavy in writing, reporting, analysis, etc. should participate in this course. It is extremely valuable.