Plain Language meets
Information Mapping®

Content is at its best when it’s written in Plain Language and according to the Information Mapping® Methodology. This combination offers a great synergy for creating crystal clear content.

Learn to use this powerful combination in one of our Plain Language Courses.

Why take our Plain Language Courses?

Learn to create content that is easier to understand, act on and maintain.

What you'll learn

In our unique Plain Language courses, you’ll learn to

  • analyze your audience and purpose for writing
  • distinguish the 6 types of information
  • standardize the way you present your information, and
  • engage your audience with common words and structures.
  • Benefits

    The results for your organization:

  • Save training time and costs.
  • Reduce human error.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Increase client conversions and revenue.
  • More

    Become a PLAIN Member

    Plain Language Association International (PLAIN) is the international association for Plain Language supporters and practitioners around the world. Their network already includes members from 30 countries.

    Information Mapping® is proud to be a PLAIN Member!

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    Plain Language Resources

    Discover more about Plain Language with these resources:
  • Center for Plain Language
  • PLAIN LinkedIn group