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What is FS Pro for Word?

With the FS Pro for Word software, you can produce highly structured content. It's an add-in for Microsoft Word that centers around component authoring. The structure used in FS Pro for Word lets you create documents that are easier to write, read, understand and manage.

FS Pro for Word is an efficiency tool, supporting the Information Mapping® Methodology to analyze, organize, and present information based on the audience’s needs and purpose of the information. Learn more about the Methodology. 


FS Pro for Word has various features to improve your document creation process:

  • Consistent and clear document structure
  • Information chunks you can easily save, share and reuse
  • Shared features such as styles, tables, custom fields and templates
  • Direct publishing into online formats

 Note: Monthly subscriptions can only be cancelled after the initial period of 90 days. FS Pro for Word is not available for Mac.