Develop clear and user-focused Standard Operating Procedures

Our Information Mapping experts understand how to structure your content and the levels of detail required to develop excellent Standard Operating Procedures.

What is a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)?

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) clearly explain how employees need to perform their tasks. They are used in many industries to ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and consistently, and to reduce risks and error rates.

Start to create more clear and effective SOPs

Clearly written SOPs can save organizations a lot of time and money. Yet, they often struggle with incorrect, dense, out of date or missing information within their SOPs.

Our research-based Information Mapping® Methodology provides rules and principles for creating clear SOPs, tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Developing SOPs with Information Mapping® comes with many benefits

  • Reduce time and costs to create and review SOPs.
  • Flawlessly maintain and update your SOP's content.
  • Increase employee knowledge, reduce questions and avoid human error.
  • Easily create and share SOP templates.
  • Publish your SOPs online for easy mobile use.

Some examples

Download our examples of Standard Operating Procedures that are written according to our Information Mapping Methodology.