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Our team of content designers, technical writers and instructors help you to create high-quality and user-focused content. Whether you need manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, user guides, or business proposals, we can assist you every step of the way.

Why Information Mapping

What makes Information Mapping unique?

  • Our research-based Methodology is unique and applicable to any type of business or technical writing.
  • We are a global company, serving various industries and organizations of all sizes.
  • We have over 40 years of experience in delivering documentation and content projects.
  • Our pool of experts have a wide spectrum of industry knowledge and can take on any project.

  • How can we help you

    We work with you to develop a plan that meets your objectives and helps you achieve your business goals.

  • Needs Assessment: We analyze your process and content and give recommendations
  • Content Design: Document and content design and effective template building
  • Content Development: We (re)write your content according to our Methodology
  • Training: Information Mapping training for your teams
  • Coaching: Enhance your Information Mapping skills
  • Staffing: Onsite Information Mapping experts for your content projects
  • Testimonials

    Read testimonials from our clients in various industries.

    "We have been using Information Mapping® since 2016 and our product and user documentation has undergone immense change. We use Madcap Flare as our authoring environment and have comfortably adapted Information Mapping® within that. Once the leadership saw the difference in the content, we had a complete buy-in from them. "

    "Information Mapping techniques and principles can be applied to so many areas of writing. We recommend it to any user assistance teams who want to learn other information structuring techniques and improve their understanding of content design."

    "I have been an “evangelist” for many years! I’m a Proposal Manager and people actually copy the way I send emails, write Executive Summaries, proposals, etc. The organized way my brain thinks because of Information Mapping has been with me for years!!"
    SAP Senior Bid and Proposal Manager

    Case Study

    Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

    Amsterdam Airport Schiphol relied on Information Mapping's services to sharpen safety and security with clearer emergency manuals. Read our entire case study.

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