Make your proposals stand out

Win more deals.

Get the most out of every sales proposal. Use our Information Mapping® Methodology to get the value of your proposals across to customers - every single time.

In charge of creating business proposals? Here's how you seal the deal:

We introduce the Information Mapping® Methodology to your team focusing on developing clear and user-oriented content. The outcome is clearly written proposals that are specific, brief and persuasive. Watch our video

How does it work?

  • Modular writing speeds up proposal delivery time.
  • Reusable and exchangeable content reduces mistakes and loss of time.
  • Structured writing makes sure your proposals are clear and get read.
  • Our FS Pro software makes your proposals accessible to clients on any device.
  • Easy-to-understand proposals get higher conversion rates.

Some examples

Download our examples of Business Proposals that are written according to our Information Mapping Methodology.