Writing in Plain Language and Information Mapping® incl. FS Pro for Word Business license

Plain Language meets Information Mapping®

Learn to write content in Plain Language and according to the Information Mapping® Methodology. After taking this course, you will master the skills to create content that readers can easily understand, act on and maintain.

Our eLearning course will take you on an interactive journey to discover the synergy between Plain Language and Information Mapping®.

Who should take this course?
Anyone in government, life sciences, finance, utilities, IT responsible for 

  • Quality: simplify policies and procedures
  • Knowledge: create effective knowledge articles
  • Client services: improve information access time
  • Human Resources: write clear communications for employees
  • Learning and development: clarify onboarding documents and manuals
  • Bid Management: write winning proposals 

What you'll learn
In this Plain Language eLearning course you will learn to

  • use Plain Language techniques such as writing short sentences and using simple words to create a clear message
  • present information in a standardized way so your reader easily finds and understands the information
  • engage your reader by using appropriate wording and writing style
  • create modular and digestible information units, and
  • apply the Information Mapping® principles to structure and sequence your document.

Features of the course
Writing in Plain Language and Information Mapping® features:

  • 2-3 hours of self-paced instructions
  • Interactive quizzes and tests to help you practice the learned skills and test progress
  • A mixture of learning forms (text, voice over, animation, exercises) to keep the student engaged.

What's included?
The course includes:

  • 3 months of access to the eLearning course
  • A 1-year FS Pro for Word Business license for easily applying the Information Mapping® Methodology
  • Access to the Writing in Plain Language© Certification exam

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