Structuring Your Content to Drive Your Digital Transformation

About this webinar

People don’t read documents, they scan documents to find information

Information is one of the most critical assets of any organization. It must be accessible and usable without the user wasting a lot of time and effort finding information relevant to them.

Your document online

Today, digitization of our business processes, including our documentation, is critical and we are investing heavily in technology to do so. However, if the transition leaves our intended audience unable to swiftly find the information they need, then the whole purpose of the investment is lost. Structuring content ensures easy access, usage, comprehension and reusability of information.

Attend this webinar and learn

  • why it is important to structure your content 
  • simple steps to create effective documents such as policies, SOPs, product documentation, training materials and more, and
  • how you can use an easy tool to quickly post your content online.