How to future-proof your content

About this webinar

Future-proof Your Content

The revolution is here, are you ready for it? Developments in artificial intelligence are changing companies and organizations across all verticals. Chatbots have exploded onto the scene and are becoming a crucial element to customer service channels.

The bots are revolutionizing the way businesses meet customers where they already ARE by giving customers the ability to contact companies through messaging apps, social media, email, or text.

Digitalization and Structuring Future-friendly Content

Today, digitization of our business processes, including our documentation, is critical and we are investing heavily in technology to do so. However, if the transition leaves our intended audience or customer base unable to swiftly find the information and answers they need, then the whole purpose of the investment is lost.

Structuring content ensures easy access, comprehension and reusability of information. Your content needs to be optimized for edits and multi-device viewing. This also ensures AI and chat bots easy and quick retrieval of information.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • Why it is important to structure your content in a way that is easily retrievable for customers, AI and chat bots alike
  • How to create manageable, editable and reusable blocks of information
  • Simple steps to create effective policies, SOP's, product documentation, training materials and more
  • How to use tools to easily share and publish your content online to websites and intranets quickly