Operating Efficiency: It’s Money In Your Pocket

Have you ever been surprised and delighted to find a long-forgotten twenty dollar bill in the pocket of an old coat? The good feeling was way out of proportion to the amount of money you found, wasn’t it? Serendipity is a wonderful thing. But twenty bucks is small change compared to the unexpected dividends that can result from improving your organization’s operating efficiency. Have you experienced that kind of serendipity?

One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies did, when they were seeking ways to reduce time to market for new products. Our work in harmonizing their SOP’s across five globally dispersed research and development facilities helped them speed up their development processes—and also resulted in annual savings of nearly $4.5 million in training and maintenance costs.

By any measure, those savings qualify as some serious serendipity. If you’ve been involved in a project aimed at improving operating efficiency, you know that the unexpected benefits sometimes outweigh the ones you had in mind when you began. If you have a serendipity story to tell, we’d like to hear it—especially if your story involves use of the Information Mapping® Method.

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