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Pharma & Biotech companies operate in a highly competitive and tightly regulated environment. Working with clear, consistent, easy-to-update and audit-ready SOPs, Work Instructions, Batch Records and more are an absolute must for these companies.

GDP is key

Information Mapping® meets documentation challenges by providing Pharma & Biotech companies with:

  • clear, effective documentation that minimizes regulatory agency review time

  • SOPs that reduce manufacturing cycle time
  • Quality documentation that supports compliance and boosts your QMS, and
  • Training Materials that decrease error rates and improve productivity.

Pfizer, image by Irene Suchocki via Etsy Shop

A new approach

Pharma and Biotech companies require documentation that meets the highest standards for quality, consistency and usability. They need to take a new approach to structuring content.

Information Mapping meets those challenges by:

  • Designing documentation that supports compliance and improves productivity.
  • Defining information requirements for SOPs, NDAs, 510(k)s, quality and batch-related processes.
  • Creating standards and templates for creating NDAs, ANDAs, 510(k)s and other drug and device submissions.

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    Information Mapping as a content standard at Emergent

    USFDA Approvals come 75% faster than earlier with no questions asked.

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    80% reduction in deviations in manufacturing process.