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Information Mapping helps organizations in the software, technology and gaming industries to minimize operating cost and improve customer service with clear policies, procedures, user manuals and knowledge articles.

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Our solutions lead to measurable gains in the efficiency of customer support, operations, quality assurance and regulatory compliance. Applications for the Information Mapping® Methodology in this industry range from product and technical documentation to design of information architecture for knowledge teams and call center operations.

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    The Information Mapping class has been a great addition to our DITA expertise, as senior technical writers and user assistance developers. Having a great trainer, we managed to understand the intricacies of information architecture all the while getting outside of the DITA box. Information Mapping techniques and principles can be applied to so many other areas of writing, such as email writing, presentations, or meeting notes.

    We recommend this class to any user assistance teams who want to learn other information structuring techniques and improve their understanding of content design.

    User Assistance Team,Oracle