Template Building

Tailored templates for your business, designed using the Information Mapping framework.

Unlock your information with consistent templates

Tailor-made templates matter. Templates allow you to focus on the contents of the message, rather than on finding a way to frame things in a readable way.

Our documentation experts analyze your document structure and use their industry knowledge to create templates that are accurate, reusable and specific to your business.

From SOP templates to proposal templates, our experts have got you covered.

Time-saving for everyone who writes. whether they are working on a policy, procedure, SOP or sales proposal.

Faster go-to-market for time-sensitive and compulsory approval documentation.

Improved readability, leading to less frustration and better understanding

From legible to readable: template focus points

  • Custom-built style set for your business based on the Information Mapping structure.
  • Reusable elements, including Blocks and Maps.
  • Tailored headers, footers, custom update fields and navigational elements.
  • Responsive design for digital content possibilities.

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