Needs Assessment

Current state vs future state

During our Needs Assessment, we identify and determine how to bridge the gap between your current and desired documentation state.

Minimum time, maximum impact

A Needs Assessment enables our experts to deep-dive into the current state of your documentation, how it comes about, and its practical application.

Our consultant will analyze missing elements, redundancies and inconsistencies in both documentation and the processes behind it.

The result? An actionable overview and roadmap.

Preparing a questionnaire.

Defining the stakeholders.

Drafting the agenda.

Remote or onsite interviews with the stakeholders.

Developing a Report of Findings.

Fast and effective

A Needs Assessment is a first-step analysis towards improving your documentation.

What can you expect?

Our Needs assessment is used to identify the following:

  • Current problems and challenges
  • How the documentation technology at your organization works
  • New document creation, document editing and process modification
  • Review process
  • Understanding the desired documentation state
  • Evaluating the gap between the current and desired states
  • Providing appropriate interventions and solutions

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