Work in operational harmony with clear and user-focused policies, procedures, work instructions, user guides, and more. The Information Mapping Methodology provides the key to operational excellence with its sustainable solution to effective information management.

Make it lean

Transportation companies are finding new ways to offset rising costs and regulatory requirements and handle increased competition. Information Mapping® helps companies in the transportation sector with their knowledge management, so they can minimize operating costs and optimize their internal efficiency.

Expert knowledge management calls for easy-to-follow yet comprehensive operational documentation. Information Mapping® ensures you can:

  • Structure content to create comprehensive, effective policies, SOPs and Work Instructions that ensure safety and compliance.
  • Create internal training programs that are fully compliant and easy to understand by your workforce.
  • Minimize call center operating costs by creating an online knowledge database that is easy to search for both customer service representatives and your sales teams.

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    Case Study

    Read a case study from an organization that uses Information Mapping®.

    Both the Methodology and the software will help us in the future to improve the way we operate.


    Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

    Amsterdam Airport Schiphol relied on Information Mapping's services to sharpen safety and security with clearer emergency manuals. Read our entire case study.