Rapid changes in the manufacturing industry call for fast roll-outs of product documentation and technical information to support new development and product releases. Make sure your work instructions and training programs keep up with your pace of innovation.

Documentation that supports innovation

New insights and a changing market landscape leads to a demand for streamlined production processes. Information Mapping® helps you to develop and design documentation, training programs and operating and working procedures, so you can go to market faster.

How we address your sector-specific challenges

  • Improve safety and compliance through more readable and accessible documentation.
  • Achieve ISO standards faster, thanks to our template-based writing structure.
  • Capture best practices and streamline internal processes.
  • Reach your safety goals and compliance standards faster.

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    It was a great experience to receive this training! I am thrilled to see the practical application of Information Mapping in the training [...] I am encouraged to use Information Mapping in my day-to-day work.

    Shaloo Saxena,Lead Technical Writer at Keysight