Banking and Financial Services

Struggling with inconsistent and outdated manuals, policies and procedures?

Information Mapping helps you to standardize your writing process in order to improve document readability and facilitate updates.

The evolution of banking and finance

Change is the only constant in the banking and finance industry. Evolving products, new markets, increasing competition, mergers and acquisitions, and new technologies are among the major change drivers.   

Along with this evolution, banking and financial organizations must operate in compliance with the requirements of the FDIC, OCC, OTS, SEC, and other regulators. That’s why an increasing number of banks, credit unions, credit card companies, investment brokers, and other financial institutions are improving their documentation to

  • reduce costs and financial risk,
  • improve operational efficiency, and
  • increase customer service and security. 

How Information Mapping® helps

  • Design and develop clear, easily understood policies, procedures, and documentation that ensure compliance.
  • Design e-content architecture that supports quick retrieval of accurate, up-to-date information by customer service personnel and salespeople.
  • Significantly increase customer satisfaction while reducing costs of call center operation.
  • Capture and document best practices in order to streamline merger and acquisition processes.
  • Create complete, accurate product information that supports the performance of financial advisors and increases customer satisfaction.

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    Case study and testimonials

    Read a case study from an organization that uses Information Mapping®.


    Capturing employee knowledge is critical. Applying a content standard to policies and procedures helps to achieve this.


    Pinnacle Financial Partners

    Having a built-in style set saves so much time and frustration that may normally be spent formatting. This course gave me a clearer roadmap for building documents. It has made me rethink the way I write for my audience in terms of what I need to consider.
    Pinnacle Financial Partners

    Geojit Financial Services

    We have been using the Information Mapping® Method since 2016 and our documents have gone an immense change. While FS Pro makes it easy for the writers to format the document, it is the readers who are most benefited with such documents.
    Head Permanent Control, Geojit Financial Services