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How to get started with FS Pro 2020?


Run the exe-file and complete the installation setup


Start Microsoft Word


Navigate to the FS Pro 2020 tab


Select Doc in the FS Pro 2020 Ribbon to get started

Check out our tutorial videos to get you started even faster!

Opening a new document

The first thing you need to know when working with FS Pro 2020 is how to open the program and get started. This video will show you to open a document in FS Pro 2020.

The FS Pro Ribbon

The FS Pro Ribbon

This video will introduce you to the FS Pro 2020 Ribbon.

FS Pro 2020 Full Video Tutorial

This free Video Tutorial of FS Pro 2020, containing of 41 videos, will teach you the essential features of FS Pro 2020 and the Basics of the Information Mapping® Method.