Case Study: ResMed

ResMedResMed is a California-based developer and manufacturer of medical equipment used to diagnose and treat sleep-disordered breathing ailments. Products include nasal masks, flow generators, humidifiers, head harnesses and other devices. The organization holds more than 3,000 patents and employs over 3,000 people.


A training team of instructional designers and technical writers at the ResMed Learning Center needed to develop training that would enable the sales force to introduce a complex and extensive product line to prospective customers in a new segment of the market. To be successful, salespeople would have to quickly gain understanding of new concepts and unfamiliar terminology.

The training team was faced with very aggressive deadlines for developing several sales training modules that would help the sales force to fluently and effectively represent ResMed’s products to the new market segment.


Members of the training team applied the Information Mapping® Methodology to design and develop the new sales training modules. Team members used the methodology for all phases of the project, from the initial design work and the structuring of interviews with subject matter experts, to the layout and formatting of the final modules.


The Information Mapping® Methodology helped ResMed to ensure the success of this sales training initiative.

ResMed’s training team credits the Information Mapping® Methodology with significant reductions in training development costs. Using the methodology enabled the team to reduce development time per module by a full 50%. The methodology also helped them to achieve average reductions of over 20% in page count per module.

The ResMed sales force’s acceptance of the new modules was immediate and enthusiastic. Salespeople and their managers praised the clarity and accessibility of the information. They reported that the shorter, concise and easily understood modules enabled them to spend less time reading and more time focused on sales activities.