FS Pro for Word

FS Pro for Word

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  • FS Pro 2020 Interface
  • Publish to the FS Pro Cloud
  • Responsive FS Pro Cloud Publication

Built on the renowned Information Mapping methodology, FS Pro for Word is a powerful extension to your familiar Word environment, making it way easier to write, structure, publish and share your mission critical content.

  • Save time by building a library of templates & reusable content

  • Achieve a  better reading experience by creating content that will be more scannable, digestible and consistent

  • Deliver a more consistent brand experience across all documents

  • Publish your documents to the cloud as a mobile-friendly webpage.

It’s never been easier to create proposals, policies, SOPs, product documentation and manuals in Microsoft Word.

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  • Contents

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  • Writing

    • A custom ribbon within your Word environment, bringing our proven Information Mapping methodology right at your fingertips.

    • Live validation through the outline pane

    • Use FS Pro 2020 in one of the 11 supported languages

  • Reusing

    • Built-in business document library with ready-to-go templates

    • Style manager to create and share style sets for a more consistent brand experience

    • Reusable content blocks for a faster and more consistent delivery

  • Publishing

    • Export to Word, PDF, HTML, XML or any other common format

    • Create and share 5 private online publications per user

    • Easily change the logo & colours of your online publications

    • Password protection for your published documents