Learn more about the history of the Information Mapping® Method

The foundation of Information Mapping®

Robert Horn was a researcher at Harvard and Columbia Universities who was interested in how human factors theory and other disciplines could be used to improve learning. The company's initial charter was to study the way people learn, and to develop services for analyzing, organizing, and presenting information. The initial funding was derived from projects with the U.S. Department of Defense.

Creation of the Information Mapping® method

Robert Horn's research evolved into the Information Mapping® method, and then into Information Mapping®'s proprietary, research-based seminars and consulting services. The company, renamed Information Mapping®, Inc. in 1982, was operated as a "think tank" until the early 1980s, when commercialization of the company's research base began. In 2009 the company was acquired by Information Mapping® International NV, a Belgian company.

A history of Robert E. Horn and the Information Mapping® method

In 1965, Robert E. Horn initiated the research into and design of the Information Mapping® method, initially developed as both a way of visually presenting information and a method for analyzing information to make it easier to communicate. 50 years later, The Method has been embraced by hundreds of thousands of individuals in 40 countries, standing the test of time and technological evolution.