Mind Mapping vs. Information Mapping®: diagramming vs. structured authoring

People sometimes ask us, Is Information Mapping the same as Mind Mapping? The short answer is that they’re not really alike, but since their names are similar enough to cause some confusion, let’s clarify the differences.

What is Mind Mapping?


Mind Mapping is a diagramming technique that’s been practiced for centuries, although the term Mind Map is relatively new. A Mind Map consists of a central word or idea, with branches connecting it to associated ideas, words or images. There are usually sub-branches with additional content. Mind Maps frequently use color coding or other visual devices to highlight connections or relationships.

People create Mind Maps to help them visualize information for brainstorming, problem solving and decision making.


What is Information Mapping?


The Information Mapping method is a systematic way to make complex information simple and easy to write and understand. The Method helps you to

  • analyze your target audience and the purpose of your document
  • organize your content into clearly structured topics, and
  • present those topics so readers can quickly and easily locate and understand the information they need.

The method is unique because it’s a research-based content standard that has been adopted by organizations around the world.

Mind Maps aren’t Information Maps

So there you have it—a structured authoring methodology versus a diagramming technique. As we’ve seen, an Information Map and a Mind Map look quite different and serve different purposes. Mind Mapping and Information Mapping aren’t the same. If you’re leading a brainstorming session, Mind Mapping is a useful tool. If your goal is to improve operational efficiency by improving the way your organization communicates, Information Mapping is the way to go.

For Mind Mapping, search the web. For Information Mapping, call us

We hope we’ve cleared up any confusion. If you want to learn more about Mind Mapping, there’s plenty of information available on the web. For Information Mapping, we’re your resource, and since you’re already visiting our web site, we invite you to learn more about the Method here, or contact us directly.

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