Crafting Proposals that Dazzle and Deliver

Crafting Knockout Proposals that Dazzle and Deliver

It takes a quality sales pitch to reel in that monster client and secure a lucrative, seven-figure contract. With one chance to deliver a knockout proposal, drafting that perfect document has proven highly elusive. Proposals are often muddled by complex data, presenting details in a way that lacks fluency and consistency. Page counts stretch into the hundreds, containing verbiage that’s highly technical or difficult to discern. Above all, nothing tarnishes your credibility more than proposals marred with second-rate writing.

Sign or decline

It’s often the determining factor between a company’s decision to sign or decline. Thankfully, Information Mapping offers a revolutionary approach to crafting proposals with

  • poise,
  • efficiency, and
  • cost-effectiveness

Consider these essential ingredients to proposals that captivate and conquer.

The Simple that Makes Sense

When it comes to business proposals, simple is the new superior. Comprising a solid, compelling proposal equates to delivering information in a timely, orderly  manner. Whereas many proposals include input from a variety of sources.

Introducing a content standard

Information Mapping's content standard helps streamline information into one all-encompassing document. On the flip-side, potential customers are no longer interested in laboring through monotonous pages to identify details of interest. Formatting proposals in structured, standardized and reusable sections helps boast efficiency levels, allowing crucial information to be located 32% faster than with traditional documents.

Putting Time on Your Side

Drafting business proposals can become a long, taxing endeavor that squanders precious time and resources. Potential clients plodding through tedious copy can impact your likelihood of sealing the deal. Thanks to Information Mapping, specialized templates help produce winning proposals in a fraction of the time. Compared to traditional methods, writers can expedite the writing process 83% faster than before. In addition, you'll be able to revise existing proposals with enhanced speed and simplicity. Proven techniques like blocking, mapping, and reusable sections provide consistency across myriad topics and subsections.

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