5 Steps to Managing and Reusing Content

Don't re-invent the wheel! 

When our professional services team performs a content audit for a large organization, managers are often shocked to see how much of the same content has been recreated for use within different areas. They can’t believe how much time and effort they’ve spent in “re-inventing the wheel,” and how many gaps, inconsistencies, inefficiencies and other problems have resulted. 

5 steps to start you on the path to better content management and reuse 

Failure to manage and reuse content effectively causes increased risk in areas like compliance, safety and operating efficiency. Here are 5 steps you can take to begin helping your organization improve the way it manages and reuses content. 

  1. Identify different areas of your organization that follow similar processes. Are they operating in “siloed” fashion? Find ways to get them started sharing content and best practices. 
  2. Look closely at the systems being shared throughout the organization. Is everyone using them in consistent and efficient ways? Is standardized system training available?  
  3. Examine how content is created, stored and managed within different areas. Does everyone know how to access the content they need? How is it kept current, compliant and relevant? Is a content standard in place? 
  4. Look for “high payoff” opportunities to centralize control of contentWhich areas would benefit most by implementing CMS? Be prepared to demonstrate potential for ROI. 
  5. Find ways to promote a culture of sharing around process improvements and best practices, so that everyone benefits whenever a better way is found. 

Not sure how to get started?

Watch our recorded webinar and find out how you can easily manage and reuse your content.

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