Amsterdam Airport Schiphol sharpened safety and security with clearer emergency manuals

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol sharpened safety and security with clearer emergency manuals

About the client

Royal Schiphol Group is an airport company, owner, co-owner and partner in
several Dutch and international airports. The main airport, Amsterdam Airport
Schiphol, is the third largest airport in Europe. It has more than 2,000
employees who are guided by their 5 core values – to be reliable, efficient,
hospitable, inspiring and sustainable. These values help them realize our
ambitions to be Europe's Preferred Airport and the most sustainable hub airport
in the world.


Various local and regional police and fire brigade authorities are responsible for
the safety and security at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AAS). These authorities all worked with different sets of emergency related manuals. Those manuals were 

  • paper-based
  • not always in sync, and
  • hard to compare and maintain.


While testing overall emergency scenarios AAS decided to develop one single  emergency plan, which would replace all old paper-based versions. Due to its  nature, it was essential that the information would be

  • easy to access
  • consistent in hierarchy, look and feel
  • in compliance with local and governmental laws and regulations, and
  • available online to all parties involved. 


Information Mapping was brought in as project manager and provided 3

  1. Information Mapping writing staff for about 100 days.
  2. All involved AAS content providers were trained in the Information Mapping® techniques through seminars and workshops.
  3. Information Mapping created the online version of the emergency manuals using their FS Pro for Word software.


The new online emergency plan was very well accepted.

  • When using the new version at a large emergency test, all parties involved  expressed that the information in the new version was much easier to find and to work with.
  • Information Mapping® is more and more becoming the communication standard used by AAS.
  • About 250 AAS employees were trained in Information Mapping. Employees are very satisfied with our seminars. Writers spontaneously gave feedback on usability and they confirmed gaining a lot of time.
  • The success at AAS resulted in business with the fire brigades of the cities of Amsterdam and Dordrecht.
  • Because of the success of the online emergency plan AAS decided to rewrite  various other manuals in the same way, such as:
- Landside Manual
- Airside Manual
- Environmental Manual
- Information Signs Manual
- Building Projects Manual
- Fire Department Manual