January 18-21, 2021 - Virtual Training Course: Mastering Successful Policies and Procedures


This Information Mapping® course takes place in four half days and will focus on teaching you powerful, proven techniques to analyze, organize, and present information in a clear and effective way. It will help you to make your documents clear, consistent, and user-focused.

Target audience

This course is appropriate for anyone who needs to write policies, SOPs, work instructions, manuals, reports, business proposals, etc.

What you'll learn

The Information Mapping® Methodology will equip you with the skills to develop user-focused and easy-to-understand documentation.

Using the Methodology results in

  • 83% decrease in time to create documents
  • 75% decrease in review time
  • 54% decrease in error rates
  • 83% increase in initial learning

    We teach you to develop documents that will help you save valuable time and reduce operational risks and costs within your organization.

    What's included

    • Training Manuals and Reference Guides
    • Hands-on instructions and exercises from an Information Mapping® Certified Instructor™
    • Certification as an Information Mapping® Professional™ 
    • Our 1-year FS Pro for Word license, an add-in for Word, to easily develop clear and user-focused documentation


    • Date: January 18-21, 2021 
    • Duration: 4-day course from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm EDT 
    • Language: English
    • Course fee: $1390.00
    • Contact: 781-547-3100 or info@informationmapping.com