Supply Chain webinar on May 6, 2021

Designing Simple & Concise Structured Supply Chain Documentation

Inadequate, erratic and complicated documents reflect poorly on almost every supply chain business operation such as SOPs, quality manuals, health and safety guidelines, etc. In this webinar we discuss the principles of the Information Mapping® methodology, a structured approach to analyze, organize and design information. See how you can create modular and standardized content that works across document and knowledge management technologies, from paper-based to augmented reality. Ensure clear and fast workflows, eliminate ambiguity and improve compliance with due processes and quality management.


  1. Clear & concise structured documentation saves time and energy.
  2. Single source of corporate truth.
  3. Optimizes business benefits by providing superior customer services and competitive advantage.
  4. Work duplication is reduced.

Who should attend? This webinar is designed for all those working in Supply Chain from any industry sector, Supply Chain/Operations Managers, Production Planners, Planning Managers, Logistics Managers, Warehouse Managers, Inventory Managers, Procurement Specialists, Procurement Managers or Category Managers, Demand Planners, Demand Managers, Supply Planners and any others who have an interest in Supply Chain.

Topics Covered:

  1. The challenges of documentation in supply chain
  2. The impact of complex or unsuitable documentation
  3. A structured and standardized approach to information analysis
  4. Research based principles to organize crucial information
  5. How to write clear procedures
  6. How to improve just-in-time access to relevant content

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